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Robert P. Fitton

Robert P. Fitton is an American writer of science fiction and time travel books. Fitton authors easy reading, yet poignant works about average people being drawn into extraordinary events.

Fitton grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s amidst the less complicated life of a Massachusetts town. His knowledge and respect of history originated from his mother and father. As a boy he pondered the possibilities of exploring history via time travel.


With television’s increasing influence, Fitton reveled in the 1960’s science fiction of Star Trek and The Twilight Zone. On cold winter nights he pointed his telescope skyward and dreamed of journeying across the galaxy to other worlds.


As a child Robert’s imagination was expanded as he listened to his mother read stories aloud. He never thought of himself as a writer, yet all he evidenced all the signs: Little items like constructing stories from weekly spelling words or mimicking his teachers. He cast battle worn soldiers in countless World War II battles into new stories. The spelling words became page-turning stories, the sarcastic mimicking evolved into crackling dialogue and the soldiers were now his heroes, escorted through a tapestry of explosive plots with unforgettable characters.

Fitton’s degree was in American Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, but took numerous literature courses, including the study of science fiction. After graduation, he began writing science fiction and time travel novels. Numerous writing seminars with mainstream authors helped him tighten his writing style and enliven his content. Fitton was one of the first authors to bring his novels to the Internet for direct downloads for Palm Pilots and other formats.

Science fiction and time travel are at the heart of Fitton’s writing. Sending an individual beyond the boundaries of the present to other times and places is an extraordinary event. Yet, time travel isn’t just about traveling through time. Time travel into the future means dealing effectively with the advances in science (science fiction). Finding oneself lost in the past or future requires an adjustment to past societies and the customs. Time Travel also revives the theme of going home again. Being caught in a time travel adventure provides an individual a choice whether to fight the enormous odds or succumb to circumstance.

Time travel is the journey Fitton characters are ready to take because events in their lives have prepared them ready for the challenges ahead. Resolving personal traumas and issues is at the heart of both science fiction and time travel. It is the personal experience of time travel and the possibilities that science fiction that offers that compels readers to participate in the drama.

Red Shift Time Travel Novel

In Red Shift, (Jim Cahill Time Travel Series) time travel is just another excuse for the writer to magically return to the past, but readers are inexorably transported to the early 1960’s. The most threatening of all the time travel themes develops as Jim Cahill changes history. As with Fitton’s other time travel books, the story is alive with the trademark of historical credibility.


 Although set in the distant future, Fitton’s popular science fiction series, Galactic Command, featuring Commander John Ross and the crew of ESS-14, perennial human values and emotions prevail within the realm of science fiction. In Voyage 26, The Nebula Planet, Commander Ross and crew chase a rogue Commander and his Antarian conspirator into deep space. During the pursuit, they enter a nebula on the edge of the known galaxy. Awaiting them on the far side is an enclosed solar system controlled by omnipotent beings with a unique perspective about humanity’s future.



Science fiction and time travel drive Fitton’s Sojourn Series. The Trilogy: Desperado, The Vargut Emnas and The Awaited One, comprise a 2048 AD Odyssey. A seemingly average man, a former intelligence agent, Tom Loftus is ready to embark on a compelling journey through time and space to the origins of humanity itself. His destiny, preordained in the ancient Ta-Buhn-Shar writings, is to confront the omnipotent Creod Sard in the final struggle of good and evil.



What happens when a writer mixes a dash of time travel and a pinch of science fiction and adventure? Sprinkle in a “ Who done it?” mystery plot into the steaming, gurgling cauldron of a writer’s imagination. Out walks Intra Solar System investigator and retired bureau agent Harry Cobb.

Cobb has his own Intra Solar System investigative agency. With a network of old friends and trusted employees this intrepid gumshoe of the future relentlessly unravels the most unsolvable crimes with a twist at the end of each novel.

Fitton’s captivating titles such as the Dust of Mars and the Ice of Triton conjure up images of far away, exotic places. The science fiction of enclosed domes on Mars, solar system travel, space colonies and distant icy moons, is routine to the inhabitants of the 22nd century.


In the 21st century Fitton resides in a New England village, maintains a jogging schedule, often under the stars by winter, and a warm weather biking routine in summer. His writing continues with new and exciting time travel and science fiction paperback novels available on and Barnes and



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